Vonyx SPJ1200-A dropped off today with a non funct…

Vonyx SPJ1200-A dropped off today with a non functional 12″ driver. Checking the cone for impeded movement, usually a sign of voice coil damage, it was apparent that the cone could not move freely.
As the unit powered correctly & passed sound from the HF unit the amplifier board showed as functional. Connecting one of my test speakers everything was again functional.
Removed the 12″ driver from the cabinet to find that the permanent magnet (glued & screwed in place at manufacture) was out of square to the speaker chassis explaining inability of voice coil movement. A tiny amount of pressure applied to level the magnet & it fell off as per the images. Extremely poor build quality. The speaker had just been courier delivered so I am assuming rough handling was the cause of the failure but root cause has to be attributed to poor build quality of the driver.

New driver required!

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