This Epiphone EJ-200CE acoustic was brought in a c…

This Epiphone EJ-200CE acoustic was brought in a couple of weeks ago with a non functioning preamp module. Looking online for any information relating to the issue it became apparent that this failure is quite common & little help was available from Epiphone or even Shadow themselves.
There appears to be 3 distinct versions, two with tuners on board & this version just installed without a tuner but still available for purchase, this coming from Thomann online retailers at a cost of around the £170 mark. Comes as a complete setup including the piezo hex under bridge & mag under string pickups.
A little erasing reveals that the hex pickup is not interchangeable between preamp models so all components in the new set had to be installed.
I will be recommending a setup as the action on this guitar is on the high side so the stings are a touch too far from the mag pickup resulting in a slight output drop when switching to mag out only.

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