The SX VTG Series Stratocaster is now working corr…

The SX VTG Series Stratocaster is now working correctly.
Although the guitar is only weeks old it required a replacement 5 way pickup selector switch. Obviously faulty on installation the switch had positions that were intermittently non functional. Not a very high quality switch but should have been detected at QC 🙄.
The owner also pointed out that the tone controls had no effect on the bridge pickup setting. Not sure whether that was intentional in design but was not how the owner wished it to work so adding a bridging link to the selector reinstated tone operation to the bridge pickup.
The machine heads required the screws seating to prevent them rattling, again a QC issue on this practically new instrument.
Restrung with D’Addario 10 – 46 strings, set relief, intonation & balanced the tremolo allowing very slight float as requested by the owner but retaining tuning stability. Setup has improved the string action & even though the frets were not touched there is no rattle or choking.
Job done.

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