The KAM RZ15A V3 speaker came in a couple of days …

The KAM RZ15A V3 speaker came in a couple of days ago with a complaint of ‘no power up’ & ‘some smoke came out’.
Applied power on the bench via the variac and current limiter & everything came on & appeared to be fine.
Removed the rear panel to do a visual on the boards & found all was not well. The fuse external carrier had pulled out of the panel when I checked that the correct fuse was installed. A previous repair covering two of the boards left little to be desired so far as soldering is concerned but the poorly soldered mains connectors that had been broken just had to be corrected including complete replacement of the fuse carrier & wiring. The dry joints from the bad repair were reflowed. The supplied IEC cable failed earth continuity on PAT but the panel assembly passed with a replacement lead.
Moral of the story is, just because it starts working again, still get it checked out.

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