So the Music City 100w tube head [a limited run va…

So the Music City 100w tube head [a limited run variation of the Laney Supergroup badged for the Music City music shop in Birmingham I believe] which came in non functioning is now underway.
We now have a new set of Marshall branded EL34B tubes, a matched quad.
Checking on the installed rear panel fuses it was found that the the required 1A & 2A fuses had at some point been replaced with a pair of ceramic 5A fuses 😭😭.
After replacing with the correct rated fuses the amp was hooked up to a variac with light bulb current limiter & a 4 way bias probe & brought back to life. This point to point wired amp currently has no bias adjustment via trimmer so I think this is the next step to implement adjustable bias.

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