Resurrection of a rare tube amplifier today @shrop…

Resurrection of a rare tube amplifier today @shroprockdoctor.
The Music City 100w Treble & Bass tube head was produced in limited numbers at the Laney amp factory circa 1970s. Designed around the -‘Laney Supergroup’
Tube head it is badged ‘Music City’ for the UK music shop Music City.
Brought in non functioning, apparently last used about 7 years ago. Loaded with 3 Russian Svetlana & one Edicron EL34 tubes, one of which has its envelope compromised as the top is visibly white.
Internally the point to point board looks 99% unmolested with all original mustard caps & electrolytics too with just one 33uf Bennic black electrolytic as opposed to the light blue Erie electrolytics throughout.
Front end tubes are unmarked except for a Brimar ecc83.
Wiring original & laced, 3 off original Partridge transformers all present, impedance selector Bridge plug present, round Bulgin style 3 pin socket and supply lead present.
From information I can find online it is said that the amp was produced & sold with KT77 tubes installed.
Once functionality is achieved the owner will have to make the call as to what tubes are finally installed.

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