Spirit Folio FX8 Mixing desk



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Analog console with 8 mono channels, 2 stereo channels with EQ, 2 stereo channels with EQ except mids, 2 stereo channels without EQ, 1 bus.
3 aux sends on every channel, one of which is exclusive for the LEXICON multi-effects. NO effect returns.
Connections on the mono channel: Jack or XLR for mic, 1 direct out and 1 insert per channel
The same goes for the 2 stereo channels with EQ, 1 direct out and 1 insert per channel
Jack on the 2 stereo channels with EQ but no Mids
RCA for the other inputs
All outputs are on jacks
All connections are balanced
The EQ is parametric: The mids only
1 built-in LEXICON multi-effects

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This image is of another unit (NOT the one i am selling) & is published with regard to the blanked off pre/post – Direct out switch. See description below.
Dented but does not affect operation
This is the exact desk for sale. With regard to the small black blanking cap on the left near the first fader, the above image of another fx8 has exactly the same blank installed. I can only assume Soundcraft did this to them (kind of a switch delete ?)


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