ART Multiverb Alpha 2.0



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FEATURES: * 20KHz bandwidth * New ASIC 24 bit digital integrated effects system * Over 50 effects to choose from * Built in Guitar/Bass tuner * Better than 90 dB signal to noise ratio * Multi-function rotary encoder * Over two octaves of pitch transposing * Multi interval pitch shifting * 200 memory locations * Pitch Transposer and Reverb combination * Sampling capabilities * Direct interface capability with the ART X-15 ULTRAFOOT * Full programmability of all parameters * Programmable mix and level * Digital contour * Stereo inputs and outputs * Phaser * Two assignable remote jacks * Power supply contained in unit * 9 volt DC output jack * Full MIDI system exclusive codes * Random access keypad * MIDI data monitor * Programmable 7 band equalizer The MULTIVERB ALPHA 2.0 has the capability of providing you with a virtually endless number of sounds and effects. ART designed a combination of powerful processing and ease of use into the MULTIVERB ALPHA 2.0. We strongly suggest you read and refer to this manual while getting used to your new processor.

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