Power socket mod @shroprockdoctor. Picked up anot…

Power socket mod @shroprockdoctor.
Picked up another Cyclades PM10 intelligent PDU on ebay for a few quid. I use these in my studio to give either timed incremental start-up to the big racks or selected output via the rs232 software.
Cyclades PM10i comes 32A rated with a fixed monster cable & molded 32A commando plug. For my personal use I de-rate to 16A, remove the 32@ lead & install a Neutrik Powercon socket.
All makes for easier service of the rack unit when they go wrong, the low voltage psu that is running 24/7 occasionally decides to die. I have a mod for that too, a much more reliable MeanWell module.

Ist möglicherweise ein Bild von Innenbereich

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