Pedal board build @shroprockdoctor. Nearing comple…

Pedal board build @shroprockdoctor.
Nearing completion Mr Wards pedal board. Dropped off as a Diago 600 x 300 pedal case with a 10 way power supply & 12 pedals. The brief was to mount 11 pedals in the 600×300 footprint & configure the wiring to allow the CAE MC404 wah to optionally be inserted in the signal chain of the first row so after the Keeley compressor /before the overdrive pedals, the insert socket being automatically switched for signal continuity if the wah is not present. This row outputs to the instrument input of the amplifier.
The upper row of pedals are separately socketed to sit in the amps effects loop.
An angled board was created to allow the rear connection panel wiring & power supply & related wiring to be kept below the pedal board.
An insert lead with integral 9vdc power was made for the CAE wah allowing for quick connection /disconnection.
The wallwart psu was reboxed to allow for use of an IEC fused power socket on the rear of the board.

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