Peavey Delta Blues @shroprockdoctor back in workin…

Peavey Delta Blues @shroprockdoctor back in working order.
All new Sovtek tubes, pots & sockets cleaned, speaker tag board reattached to the basket, Accutronics tray wiring secured, footswitch cable repaired, corrosion on control faceplate removed
Peeled back tolex in rear of cabinet resecured as chassis removal was practically impossible with the material loose.
All features, tremolo, reverb & channel switching now fully operational.

Don’t like the design of the rear penel socket layout as they have put the external cabinet 1/4″ socket right next to the footswitch 1/4″ socket.
Wonder how many have plugged their footswitch into the speaker jack?
If you don’t use an external speaker I would cap that outlet.

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