Little Peavey Vypyr 15w combo modified & repaired….

Little Peavey Vypyr 15w combo modified & repaired.
This little amplifier came in with an intermittent fault where the DSP would crash & lock up the amp requiring a power cycle to revive it. The fault lay with failed soldering on the DSP board with the root cause being chassis instability allowing flexing of the pcb.
Re flowing the solder was the electronic repair but stabising the board by adding an aluminium plate on top of the installed standoffs then installing additional standoffs to remount the DSP board. Any flexing of the chassis is now no longer transferred to the board.
A previous repairer had probably figured out the issue & had tried to glue the PCB in place instead of replacing the screws but that didn’t work.
Soak tested, power cycled & safety tested this little amp is ready for home.

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