Hohner Pianet T @shrop.rock.doctor for service. Lo…

Hohner Pianet T @shrop.rock.doctor for service.
Looks like root cause of all the issues is moisture ingress. This model is the later second gen model circa 1977 with the spring steel reeds & silicone activation pads as opposed to the earlier 1968 models which had stainless steel reeds & leather activation pads.
Moisture has caused the steel reeds to corrode preventing the key activation pad having the ability to pluck the Reed. The operation of the Reed is effected by a pulling & release action by the pad on the end of the key arm. Each Reed has a pickup coil.
Looks like I have a lot of reeds to clean up 😭 & I best not jumble them up either or we may have a very jazzy sounding keyboard 🤣

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