Demeter Tremulator arrived non …

Demeter Tremulator arrived non functional . There were some bad solder joints, ground wire from the input socket just pulled out. Reflowed any visually bad joints. All symptoms pointed to the TL061CP opamps of which there are two in this unit, my schematic shows one with an LF351 & an LF442CN.
Didn’t have any 061s in stock so ordered some from Amazon for speedy delivery. Mistake, the pack delivered were labelled TL061CP but didn’t resolve the issue. So thought I had misdiagnosed so started again, only to come to the same conclusion. Ordered more 061s from another supplier, had to wait a few days for delivery but installing a pair of these resolved the issue.
Don’t know what the issue was with the initial chips but certainly not what they say they are 😭💩

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