Dean Markley Overlord pedal came for a service to …

Dean Markley Overlord pedal came for a service to rid it of excessive noise at the output.
This tube Overdrive pedal also houses a transformer which drops the mains supply to just over 12vac to supply power to the tube (12ax7) & the board. The transformer itself was intermittently physically noisy as it didn’t fit snugly in its bracket which was riveted to the housing. The momentary switch for toggling the effect on & off also proved to be intermittent so was replaced.
Wiring from the supply to the switch & on to the transformer primary was in my opinion dangerous, no attempt by the manufacturer to sleeve the high voltage AC connections 😭, that is now done.
Transformer secondary wires to the board have been twisted & routed neatly with the primary ac wires.
Plugged into an amplifier this Overdrive is as quiet as you would expect any Overdrive to be effect engaged & no signal from the instrument, no longer outputting hum from untidy wiring.
Saftey tested as this pedal has a direct mains supply input & replaced the 13A plugtop fuse with a 3A.

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