Current progress on the Charvel Sustainiac install…

Current progress on the Charvel Sustainiac installation.
The control cavity on this guitar with the default controls installed just wouldn’t give up enough space for the installation of the Sustainiac driver board, battery & additional toggle switches required for control of the sustainer system. The 5 way selector has had to be swapped out for a physically smaller switch & the volume /tone pots rotated to facilitate space for the battery and its snap on one side & the controller opposite side stood on edge.
The 1/4 jack out has to be changed for a TRS to facilitate power on/off for the circuit & typically the cavity routing is insufficient to house the TRS without it fouling the side wall.
So now it’s time to completely rewire the existing controls plus two additional toggle Switches with the usual wiring plus another 18 wires to & from the new control board.

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