Charvel in for a Sustainiac sustainer system retro…

Charvel in for a Sustainiac sustainer system retrofit.
Finally completed. It’s a lot of kit to fit in a standard size control cavity & strict rules for placement as the sustainer circuit will induce interference if the driver wiring is too close to the normal signal wiring.
Had to replace the 5 way selector with a slimmer switch to increase space for the driver board. Two 7mm holes were drilled between the volume & tone pots for the control toggle Switches, these holes required back spotfacing to reduce the wood thickness to accommodate the toggles.
Lots of soldering and heat shrink 😂.
Restrung with Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky 11-54 & tuned to drop B. Tremolo required a rebalancing as the new strings were a considerably heavier gauge than originally fitted.
Harmonic squeal on tap even on the clean channel 🤣.

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