Bit of an influx of amplifier repairs @shroprockdo…

Bit of an influx of amplifier repairs @shroprockdoctor today.
The first of which is this Ampeg SVT Bass monster. Brought in by Mr Andrew Southwell of Vicious Nature & Marshall Law fame.
Brief was non functioning and has suffered a fall while racked, from a cabinet top.
Visually no damage to be found & this thing weighs a tonn.
Removing the top plate still revealed no visible damage. Powered up on the variac via light bulb current limiter & crackles & smoke from the front panel power switch. Disassembly of the switch revealed burnt contacts & melted housing. Replacing with a generic switch for testing brought her back to life. Master volume dual gang pot required cleaning as it cracked badly. Decided to clean all pots & sockets while chassis was open.
Don’t have enough speakers to turn her up, 1600w in bridged mode 😲
Now to order in a replacement switch.

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