A little 15w Peavey Vypyr modeling amp in for inte…

A little 15w Peavey Vypyr modeling amp in for intermittent power outage causing DSP crash with no recovery unless power cycled.
Diagnosis started with the power supply / power amplifier board. Removed & reflowed rear suspecting a dry joint, slight flexing of the chassis caused the fault to occur. Doesn’t appear to be the power board or interconnects.
Moving on to the DSP board which didn’t appear to have any screws showing due to the white goop covering the holes, Oh that would be the No Nails someone has used to secured the PCB back to the chassis, obviously much better than screws until that is the board requires removing again 😭😭😭
Fortunately it had not set on any surface mount components or I think we would be replacing the board.
Not so easy to reflow this one 🤔

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